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  1. k, well ima take my time on this vid if u dont mind then
  2. good good, ummm filefront works dude
  3. Of course >_>

    My internet at school is shit though, but I'm going home tomorrow, so I'll have the clips uploaded by SUnday. Where would you like them to be hosted? They used to be on megaupload, but that site is now gone :/
  4. are the clips in HD? plz tell me they are in hd..
  5. k, send me the link when its done
  6. really? I'll begin uploading them tonight.
  7. yo if u want i can give that montage a shot, send me ur clips if ya want.
  8. Damn :\

    Okay, I was just looking for a single song
  9. hmm, i dont really feel like editing a whole video right now man. i actually have to start reading this book before college starts. but ill let you know if im up for it, thanks broski.
  10. Yeah they're all captured with angles from my PVR and in zip files, I just have to upload them.
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